One Final Turn (Thank You!)

It’s been a wonderful two years. Thank you, everyone!


S&T: 10 Stories Up Elevator

Not all boxes have cats in them, but all episodes have sunshine and smiles in them! It’s 10 Stories Up Elevator by James Earl Cox III!


Note: As discussed a bit in the episode, we’re switching up our appetizer episodes to contain one recommend everyone can chip in on! There will be spoilers in these episodes on recent titles if that’s something about which you’re concerned.

Ep. 41: Pokemon Red And Blue (with Jennifer Ash)

During this episode, Jim promised to do the PokeRap. Now, Kevin wants nothing else but to hear Jim do the PokeRap. If someone comments, Kevin will force Jim to do the Pokerap in an upcoming episode, but if he refuses, Kevin will do it. So, drop us a comment, talk about the episode, and let’s make this PokeRap real. Who knows? Maybe if we get 10 comments, there could be a PokeRap duet.

40 Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (feat. Asher Vollmer)

Threes! creator and Close Castles develop Asher Vollmer (@ashervo) joins Kevin and Jim to discuss the number of colons and the word order in the title of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. The three also wax poetic on Emperor Kyle, the Doom-style and block graphics, and viewing the game with nostalgic-tinted glasses.